The Kingdom of Bahrain, what I would like to term the “Gateway to the Gulf.”  Due to its size and centrality the Kingdom of Bahrain has attracted international organisations from all regions of the globe, mainly because of its positioning in the region. Bahrain central to trade with a historical position as a leading regional airport and transit hub, still remains a leader in Islamic Banking and Finance. We live in a multinational society with diverse backgrounds, different ethnicities, the different languages, and all who flock to the Bahrain have one thing in common. First, yes they come for job security but after a few weeks settling in, many call Bahrain home and love the nation more than their countries of origin. While some look at the influx of expatriates as a weakness, it is a sign of strength.

Bahrain was one of the first in the region to process petroleum, but is known for its famous pearls and the Financial Harbour, making this small island an important middle region for trade, commerce, and interaction amongst the Arabian Gulf and surrounding world. In addition to natural resources, the country is known globally as ‘Business Friendly Bahrain’ due to their impressive financial sector, which was the key in their successful economic development.

Over the 20-year history of the Index, Bahrain has been consistently rated one of the “mostly free” economies achieving economic freedom scores above 70. Overall, the kingdom is ranked 13th out of 178 economies worldwide, between the US and the UK which rank 12th and 14th respectively and is the only Mena country to rank in the top 20.

Today Bahrain should be a Global choice as a business hub. Bahrain has remained steady and is one of the most family friendly, affordable place in the region to set up business and to settle in and is a gateway to success with the right connections.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Bahrain, business friendly, family friendly, a small place but the gateway to the gulf and the land of golden smiles.

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